Pi Protocol Weekly Updates — Week 5

Hi Pi-Hunters,

Welcome back to yet another edition of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates!

Pi Protocol Weekly Updates is a complete weekly update on what we, the Pi Protocol team, have been working on for the last 1 week.

If you have missed the previous week’s update, click here or get a list of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates' previous posts here.

For our fifth edition, this was what happened last week.


ETH and AVAX Chains

We have announced that we are gearing up to launch Pi Protocol on ETH and AVAX chains. Fundraising details for the ETH launch were also announced on the Pi Announcements channel here.

Child and Miami NFTs

Child and Miami NFTs will have their own staking pools in the next coming weeks while we wait for our Metaverse launch.

Upon the Metaverse launch, Child and Miami NFTs will be utilized as vouchers to redeem special items in the Metaverse.


Pi Protocol roadmap for Q2 and Q3 was announced to the community.

Trust Wallet Update

Trust wallet issues were solved and the Pi Protocol website was integrated with full mobile support.


Myth Quest

Myth Quest is the next-level treasure hunt event that we have for you on Pi Protocol. This treasure hunt is not as simple as the previous one and it requires the community to work together to solve it.

The question marks on the Myth Quest page are placeholders for specific NFTs and you will need to collect those NFTs.

The goal is to collect all of the required NFTs and have them displayed on the Myth Quest page to win a big prize.

Pi Protocol Referral Program

You can now earn yourself more sCircles or bCircles by referring someone that you know to Pi Protocol.

You will have to give your referral ID to that person and your referral ID can be found on the Pi Protocol marketplace.

Look for your referral ID by going onto the Pi Protocol marketplace and then click on your Pi Community NFT. The number of your NFT is your referral ID number.

Your referrals will need to enter your referral ID on the zapper at the time of the purchase for it to be counted.

Monthly Airdrops

You can also be the lucky one to win $100 in PIP tokens in our new Monthly Airdrops event as part of our gesture to thank you for your loyalty and being part of the Pi Protocol community.

Requirements to participate in this monthly airdrops event are:

  • Hold 100 PIP tokens in your wallet (excluding staking)
  • Hold a Treasure Hunt NFT

We will choose a random winner from each of the requirements above on the 1st of every month and the lucky winner will walk away with $100 worth of PIP tokens.

That’s all for this week’s update on Pi Protocol Weekly Updates.

See you next week and thank you once again for your loyal support!



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