TOP 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Pi Protocol ETH Launch Presale Silver NFT

PI - Protocol
3 min readMay 24, 2022


Instant 2X

For every 0.5 ETH that you contribute, you will receive 1 ETH worth of eCircle NFT in return (2X). An eCircle represents 5 LP and they are collaterally pegged.

This is how traditional yield farming or liquidity staking works. You have to manually deposit 50% of ETH and 50% of PIP tokens to create a Liquidity Provider (LP) token that indicates your ownership % in the liquidity pool.

In most cases, this LP token will have a dull-looking name and do nothing but just sit in your wallet until you decide to withdraw your deposit from the liquidity pool. Instead of having this normal LP token, you will be airdropped with a beautiful-looking eCircle NFT that can further be staked for staking rewards on Pi Protocol’s NFT Circle Staking Pools.

An eCircle represents liquidity in the liquidity pool in the form of an NFT with a ratio of 1:1.

One-Sided Liquidity

You only have to pay 0.5 ETH which is 50% of the LP token and Pi Protocol will pay another 50% on your behalf to create a complete LP token for you because we appreciate your contribution and this will instantly increase the value of your 0.5 ETH to 1 ETH.

Where else can you find such a generous offer like this?

To learn more about liquidity pools, you can watch this video.

FREE Tokens

You will be airdropped with 0.1 ETH worth of PIP tokens as an additional bonus. You are free to do anything you want with these tokens. Hold or sell, the choice is ultimately yours.

Limited Edition and Exclusive NFT

You will also be airdropped with an exclusive NFT on the BSC network. This NFT can be staked in a high APR NFT Aggregator Vault or you can sell it to another person who wants to stake it because this NFT is only exclusive and limited to ETH Launch Presale contributors like you.

To learn more about Pi Protocol’s NFT Aggregator Vaults, click here.

The Chance Of Having The Myth Quest Required NFT

Myth Quest is the next-level treasure hunt event on Pi Protocol. The question marks on the Myth Quest page are placeholders for specific NFTs and you will need to collect those NFTs.

There is a high chance that we might use one of these ETH Launch Presale Silver NFTs in our future Myth Quest events and your Silver NFT ID might just be the lucky one to be chosen as the required NFT.

If this happens, you have two choices. You can choose to complete it by working together with the community or to sell your Silver NFT at a premium price to the person that needs it.

Stable and Safer

Most DeFi projects rely on their community loyalty and hope that the community does not betray them by withdrawing the liquidity from the projects’ liquidity pools or selling large amounts of their tokens.

Pi Protocol’s liquidity is locked forever and the only way to sell an eCircle is to list it on Pi Protocol’s Open Marketplace at a discounted rate and this prevents massive token dumps.

Pi Protocol also uses an innovative function called the Price Floor Sweeper to keep its token prices and chart stable and healthy.

To learn more about the Price Floor Sweeper, click here.

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