Pi Protocol Weekly Updates — Week 9

PI - Protocol
2 min readJun 6, 2022

Hi Pi-Hunters,

Welcome back to yet another edition of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates!

Pi Protocol Weekly Updates is a complete weekly update on what we, the Pi Protocol team, have been working on for the last 1 week.

If you have missed the previous week’s update, click here or get a list of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates’ previous posts here.

For our ninth edition, this was what happened last week.


Twitter Spaces

We were on Oceidon Talk Twitter Spaces last Wednesday (June 1st) at 4 PM EST or 8 PM UTC to talk about Pi Protocol and share the upcoming Partner Treasure Hunt event. This Partner Treasure Hunt event will be the biggest Treasure Hunt event organized by Pi Protocol.

We have been working together with 6 partner projects for the last few weeks to prepare for this Most Epic Treasure Hunt event. The event date is on the 14th of June and you can find the countdown timer here.

The Oceidon Talk Twitter Spaces recording can also be found here.

Referral Competition Announcement

Pi Protocol team announced that there will be a huge referral competition coming soon on Telegram. If you refer someone new to buy a Silver NFT, you will be awarded 2 points. The Top 10 users with the most points will have a chance to win a pool of prizes through a raffle system.

The Pool of Prizes:

  • 1 Gold Voucher
  • 1 Silver Voucher
  • 500 PIP
  • 1 Child NFT
  • 250 PIP
  • 2 Miami NFTs

Treasure Hunt

We conducted a Treasure Hunt in #Beta room on Pi Protocol Discord Server and the price was a beautiful looking Green NFT.

That’s all for this week’s update on Pi Protocol Weekly Updates.

See you next week and thank you once again for your loyal support!