Pi Protocol Weekly Updates — Week 7

PI - Protocol
2 min readMay 23, 2022

Hi Pi-Hunters,

Welcome back to yet another edition of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates!

Pi Protocol Weekly Updates is a complete weekly update on what we, the Pi Protocol team, have been working on for the last 1 week.

If you have missed the previous week’s update, click here or get a list of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates' previous posts here.

For our seventh edition, this was what happened last week.


Small Circle Auction

We had some fun with the Pi Protocol community by hosting a sCircle or Small Circle auction.

The bidding started at 0.005 BNB but things got crazy almost immediately and within minutes, the bid was as high as 3.14 BNB (Pi number).

After announcing that we would be giving 3 additional mystery prizes to the auction winner, the bid shot up from 3.14 BNB to 3.5 BNB.

Finally, the lucky auction winner with the winning bid of 3.6 BNB walked away with the following prizes:

  • 1 sCircle
  • 1 BitCircle
  • 1 OIR NFT worth $500
  • A pack of 5 NFTs from the upcoming Gamification Collection

New Partnership Announcement

Pi Protocol was pleased to announce our partnership with Planet Beast, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) adventure game.

For more information, check out our partner’s official website here.

Weekend Challenge

We also gave the Pi Protocol community a challenge to get the ETH Launch Presale Gold NFTs sold out within 48 hours throughout the weekend and every Gold NFT holder would receive a bCircle if this challenge is successfully completed.

That’s all for this week’s update on Pi Protocol Weekly Updates.

See you next week and thank you once again for your loyal support!