Pi Protocol Weekly Updates — Week 11

Hi Pi-Hunters,

Welcome back to yet another edition of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates!

Pi Protocol Weekly Updates is a complete weekly update on what we, the Pi Protocol team, have been working on for the last 1 week.

If you have missed the previous week’s update, click here or get a list of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates’ previous posts here.

For our eleventh edition, this was what happened last week.


New Open Marketplace UI

Pi Protocol Open Marketplace’s User Interface (UI) was given a fresh and new look. We have also onboarded 5 new artists and they are:

  • DiamondHand Dragon
  • The Forgotten Kings
  • The Crypto Boys
  • Ore’s Art
  • The Headies

Pi Metaverse Previews

Check out the screenshots above for previews of the upcoming Pi Metaverse World.


Referral Bonus Contest

A voice chat session was held to announce the winners of our Referral Bonus Contest and 3 lucky PIP token holders were given $100 worth of PIP tokens each.

Artists Space

We announced that Pi Protocol will be hosting a live Twitter Space tailored to artists on 20th June, at 2 PM EST.

Artist Bounty

We encouraged our community to successfully refer the most artists to launch or mint their collections on Pi Protocol’s Open Marketplace. The top 3 winners will receive a sCircle at the end of the month.

Treasure Hunt

Another Treasure Hunt event was held in #beta room on Pi Protocol’s Discord server. The first 3 people that messaged cryptopapi#0490 with the correct answer will win a gorgeous-looking NFT prize.

That’s all for this week’s update on Pi Protocol Weekly Updates.

See you next week and thank you once again for your loyal support!




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