Pi Protocol Weekly Updates — Week 1

Hi, Distinguished Community Members of the Pi Protocol,

Welcome to the first-ever post of Pi Protocol Weekly Updates!

Pi Protocol Weekly Updates is a complete weekly update on what we, the Pi Protocol team, have been working on, for the last 1 week.

Without further ado, let us begin.


Circles Page

We have fixed the Circles page.

Previously, when users buy Circles with PIP tokens on the Buy Circles page, they may end up with 0.97 LP tokens in some cases.

This previous arrangement was time-consuming as we had to update the ratio on the Pi Protocol website every week because the values were static and did not reflect the real-time prices. The same issue can be found in the pricing table on the Pi Dex page too.

We have integrated a calculation that automatically calculates the price of the LP to get the exact prices now and they get updated every 5 seconds.

As a result, the prices on the Buy Circles page and the pricing table on the Pi Dex page have accurate BNB and PIP token prices now.

Digital NFT Gallery

At the same time, we were working on our own Pi Protocol Digital NFT Gallery where users can view the entire collection of Pi Protocol NFTs in a fun and immersive way. This was tested by the Pi Protocol team last week and we had some fun with it.

See below for a teaser on this Digital NFT Gallery:


The team was also working on the Pi Protocol Launchpad where we will help other Projects and Artists to release and sell their own Artwork NFTs and Utility NFTs to the public. We are looking to publicly announce this soon.


Social Media engagement on Instagram and Twitter has increased by 3–5% when compared to the previous month.

Treasure Hunt

Our first treasure that involved the “treasure wallet” was successfully conducted and winners received their prizes.

See below for what the prize looks like:


Pi Protocol was featured as one of the NFT collections at the Miami NFT Week After Party two weeks ago at the Grails Miami, a vibrant and sports-centric bar with a patio.

Pi Protocol was also featured in another NFT After Party organized by PUZL, one of Pi Protocol’s partners, at the same venue on Sunday, April 10th. The event allows attendees to network, talk about crypto, and enjoy live music performances.

That’s all for this week’s update on Pi Protocol Weekly Updates.

See you next week and thank you once again for your loyal support!



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