Pi — Protocol

Project Introduction

“Hello… Can you hear me? Yes — I am the old NFT that you bought ages ago and forgot about within your wallet. I have been sitting in your wallet since, without any value, without any use case. This all changes with Pi Protocol!

If your NFT could drop you a message, it would say something along the lines like this… And it’s true! Pi gives you the possibility to let your NFT work for you, instead of letting it linger in your wallet. Interested? Take your NFT and go on a journey through the world of PI.

NFT holders of whitelisted projects can deposit their NFTs into our aggregator Vaults and can earn passive income! An addition of real value for your NFT!

Pi is more than just a number, you can find it everywhere, in math, physics, and in everyday life. The circle number holds many secrets, just like our treasures…

…and treasures are everywhere, just waiting to be found.
When we look back at history, we have been constantly captivated by treasures.

Whether it is lost gold, the pyramids, or sphinx of ancient Egypt, or even the gold mines in Alaska, they are everywhere! Now even as we look into the digital world, we will soon find them — with the geocaching project.

With a little creativity, the crypto space also has a treasure hunt of sorts, but what form does this take? Currently, it's the search for the project with the highest yield reward, or perhaps the search for the next x100 project or even the chance to collect rare NFTs.

If so many people are driven by the primal instinct to search for and find treasure, why not bring this opportunity one step further and integrate it with Defi?

A project with the fascination of treasure hunting whilst earning money!

We welcome you to PI-Protocol!

PI is a Defi project that includes, yield farming for NFTs and “Circles” yet takes this one step further and PI offers not only Vaults, Pools and “Circles” but also the possibility to get unique NFTs, either through the pools directly or through the PI Treasure Hunt.

Why not combine all of what you love into one platform and add the bonus incentive of a treasure hunt?


Pi is working with a strong Partner to deliver continuously awesome NFTs made with a lot of love and provided by

NFT Vaults

NFT Holder of whitelisted projects can deposit their NFTs into PI NFT aggregator Vaults without any other assets and earn a passive income!

A real value adds to your NFT asset.

We will provide low, medium, and high-risk Vaults to use an optimum of leverage levels.

NFT / Gamification?

Do you want to play a game? Welcome then to Pi, it will take it further and send you on a journey.

We will regularly publish puzzles and riddles in the form of various NFT’s these will then need to be solved or perhaps even found by you, the legendary PI Hunters.

Finders of the NFT’s will be rewarded, wherein the “Hunter” can either claim the NFT, or perhaps you would prefer a reward that was posted for finding the NFT.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma NFT will be provided in different difficult classes.

Not enough yet?

PI takes it one step further by utilizing additional pools, where user can stake their token Wrapper NFT to participate in the Ecosystem and earn yields on the infinite pool or on classic native Pools.


Are you missing one of the Circles of PI? Or do you just want to sell your claimed Treasure reward?

Then you can utilize our very own NFT Marketplace!
All ERC1155 and ERC721 NFT of PI and Partners Projects will be tradeable.

Tokenomics, Mechanics, Partners?

Name: PI Protocol
Symbol: PIP
Supply: 600,000


Very soon we will have another post to flesh out some of these ideas and bring you on board with how to help hunt for the very first treasure as well as an insight into the Tokenomics, Mechanics, Presale, and Project launch.



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